What is the goal of FlickRooster ?

FlickRooster helps you to discover great Flickr's photographers that produce stunning pictures.

How FlickRooster works ?

Each day, FlickRooster is updated according to photos published into the Flickr's Explore the previous day. Since FlickRooster offers a monthly ranking, the site combines the scores of photographers to provide monthly ranking.

How is made the ranking ?

The Flickr's Explore algorithm selects about 500 pictures every day.

  • The first photo wins 500 points on Flickrooster
  • The second photo wins 499 points on Flickrooster
  • The last photo wins 1 point on Flickrooster

When is made the ranking ?

FlickRooster takes a daily snaphot of the Flickr's Explore at 8:00 pm (Paris Timezone). To be more accurate, FlickRooster takes a second snaphot of the Flickr's Explore two days and seven days after. The Flickr's Explore is more stable after 7 days.

How are distributed the awards ?

The awards are distributed following few magics rules ;-)

 : Flickrooster God  : Flickrooster Incredible  : Flickrooster Master

How to promote FlickRooster ?

You can promote FlickRooster and your rank by using the FlickRooster's badge located at the bottom of your profile page.


You can also add FlickRooster to your favorite applications on the Flickr's App Garden.

I have a great idea, how to contribute to FlickRooster ?

Please don't hesitate to contribute on the user forum.